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CET : E203

COMED-K : E067

PG-CET MTech : T909


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Kammavari Sangham (R) 1952, K. S. Group of Institutions


 No.15, Mallasandra, Off. Kanakapura Road, Bengaluru-560109,  +919900710055

Affiliated to VTU, Belagavi & Approved by AICTE, New Delhi, Accredited by NAAC

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"Welcome to The Library Of K. S. School Of Engineering and Management"


Head Of The Department Desk




B.A., MLISc., M.Phil, KSET, Ph.D

Library of K.S. School of Engineering and Management was established in the year 2010. It is the centre for intellectual and academic excellence. The knowledge centreplays a dynamic role by supporting its users in teaching, learning and research. Its main objective is to provide best services to its users with the help of resources available in its collection. It provides physical and digital access to the materials. Well-maintained, good, peaceful and user-friendly environment attracts users to the library. It frequently provides awareness to its users.

Library occupies 1102 sq. mts area with a seating capacity for 150 users. Librarian's Cabin, Circulation Counter, Stack Area, Technical Processing Section, Reference Section, Digital Library, Periodicals Section and Reading Rooms are the different sections of the library. Library has a hybrid collection of printed as well as electronic resources which includes books, journals, project reports, bound volumes, previous year question papers, CD's, course materials, e-books, e-journals, e-conference proceedings etc.

All library operations are automated using LIBSOFT Software. WEB-OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue through web) enables its users to search all materials (Books, Journals, Periodicals, Digital materials viz., previous year Question Papers, Project Reports, Newspaper Clippings, Content Pages, Faculty Publications etc) available in its collection. Online reservation system is enabled through web-opac.A separate Digital library is provided in the library to access e-resources. Library has developed institutional digital repository to archive and provide online access to intellectual output of the institute.

Contact librarian :

 [email protected]


  • To build a robust repository of information and support the users by providing seamless access to online and offline hybrid information.


    Library and Information Centre of KSSEM shall:
  • Create ambience and attract users.
  • To constantly update the repository and make it more user friendly
  • Guide users to explore and acquire materials from in-house and remote archives both in printed and digital forms.

Library Timings

Monday to Saturday : 8.40 AM to 3.50 PM

During Exams : 8.40 AM to 5.15 PM

Circulation Timings

Monday to Saturday : 8.40 AM to 3.50 PM

During Exams : 8.40 AM to 5.15 PM

Collection of Books

Books Titles - 5280
Volumes - 20648
CDs 984
Newspapers 4


  • Reference.
  • Circulation.
  • New Arrivals Display
  • Book Exhibition
  • Web-OPAC
  • Digital Library Service
  • Virtual Library Service
  • Display of Publisher's Catalogue
  • User Awareness Programmes
  • Reprographic
  • InstitutionalRepository
  • Inter Library Loan


  • Stack Area
  • Circulation Section
  • Reference Section
  • Periodicals Section
  • Digital Library
  • Reading Room


Dr. Ambika C.A.

Dr. Ambika C.A.


Mr. Seethapathi D.

Mr. Seethapathi D.

Library Assistant

Ms. Vidya Holla

Ms. Vidya Holla


Mr. Bhagavathish R.

Mr. Bhagavathish R.


Library Committee

Responsibility: Library Management
Members Contact No. Email - id
Dr. Girish V Attimarad 9483164860 [email protected]
Dr. Ambika C.A. 9036486519 [email protected]
Dr. Arun Kumar M. 9483892689 [email protected]
Mr. Deepak M. D. 9481909046 [email protected]
Mr.Vinod.A 9902580429 [email protected]
Mr. Manjunath B. 8217828727 [email protected]
Ms. Rupa Chatterjee Das 9836330555 [email protected]
Ms. Divya R 9964664461 [email protected]


Online resources are subscribed to all the programmes Undergraduate, Postgraduate through VTU E-resource Consortium.

SL No. Publishers E-Portal No. of e- Resources
1 IEEE -POP 100 IEEE Conference Titles
2 Elsevier - Science Direct 298 E-Journals
3 Springer Nature 690 E-Journals
4 Taylor and Francis 585 E-Journals
5 Emerald 120 E-Journals
6 Emerald 1000 E-Cases
7 ProQuest 4900 E-Journals
8 MAP My Access Federation Search and Remote Access Solutions ( Includes 10,000+ E-Books 5,700+ E-Journals)
9 Elsevier - Science Direct 436 E-Books
10 Taylor and Francis 4950 E-Books
11 McGraw Hill 505 E-Books
12 New Age International 220 E-Books
13 Packt 5002 E-Books
14 Springer 12845 E-Books
15 Mint 3469 E-Books
16 Lanquill Grammar Checking Tool
17 Turnitin Similarity Checking Tool

eResource - Permissions and Prohibitions

eResources is based on license agreements with publishers. They are licensed for the non-profit educational use of the institute. Copyright laws governs use of these eResources.

    Permission :
  • Library users are permitted to use it for educational purpose only.

    Prohibitions :
  • Systematic downloading, distributing, or retaining substantial portions.
  • Using it for commercial purposes.
  • Downloading entire journal issue or an entire ebook.

Copyright Restrictions

All the users of library resources of KSSEM must adhere to copyright laws of publishers and consortia. No copyrighted work may be copied, published, disseminated, displayed, performed, without permission of the copyright holder except in accordance with fair use or licensed agreement. This includes DVDs/CDs and other copyrighted material. Using these resources for commercial purpose, systematic downloading, copying or distributing of information is prohibited. KSSEM may terminate the online access of users who are found to have infringed copyright.

Do's Don'ts
Can make limited print/ electronic copies. Cannot share resources with non KSSEM community.
Can use for teaching, research, discussion, and other academic purposes. Cannot do systematic or substantial downloading, copying, printing etc.
Can share with professional community. Cannot publish in other website/blogs/forums.


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Course Materials

Computer Science and Engineering Click here

Electronics and Communication Engineering Click here

Mechanical Engineering Click here

Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Click here

Science and Humanities Click here


Computer Science and Engineering Click here

Electronics and Communication Engineering Click here

Mechanical Engineering Click here

Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Click here

Science and Humanities Click here

Rules & Regulations

  • Library card/ID card is mandatory for accessing library service.
  • All users of library (Staff/Students/Visitors) must sign in the register at entry gate.
  • The books must not be misplaced while searching for required material. A book misplaced is a book lost.
  • The books of library can be taken outside only after they are issued to borrower.
  • Books barrowed must be displayed at the security check point before taking them outside.
  • Reference books will not be issued to carry outside the library. These can be referred only inside the library.
  • Personal belongings except writing materials are not allowed inside the library.
  • Library is not responsible for any loss or damage of personnel belongings of users.
  • Users must preserve the library card carefully. In case of loss of library card, the same must be informed to issue counter immediately to block the card temporarily. The book issued against any card will be the responsibility of the card holder.
  • Books barrowed from the user must be returned unmutilated and undamaged. Any damage to the books shall be borne by the user through replacement of the book with new copy.
  • The copy right laws must be strictly followed while making copies of portions of books.
  • The anti-plagiarism guidelines must be followed while refereeing to e-content, viz, e-journals, e-thesis, e-books etc.
  • The systems in the digital library are meant for browsing the e-journals and e-books. These systems should not be used for browsing any other sources and chatting.
  • Users must follow the instructions before logging into the digital library systems and logout promptly.
  • The peripherals of computer (such as key board, mouse) etc should not be mixed up with other systems. In case of technical problems in digital library service, the library staff can be contacted for help.

Instructions to Readers

  • This is your library, use it with pride.
  • Enjoy reading in peace with silence everywhere.
  • Displacing chairs and tables would be inconvenient to you and others, hence let them be in their position.
  • Have eatables in the canteen, cherish reading in the library.
  • Mobile phones for chatting are good outside the college premises.
  • Install/uninstall the programs only in your own laptop, but leave them undisturbed in the desktops in library.
  • Handle library materials with care and help in preservation for good reuse.
  • Dispose the paper waste in the bin and maintain cleanliness the lounge.
  • Switch off the fans/tube lights when not in use.

Other Details

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